Station One: Central
Station One was constructed in 1895.
The Station is centrally located in the City, and was the Department's Headquarters until 2010
when Station Nineteen was constructed.
The Station has three apparatus bays, with living and sleeping quarters above, with a large
tower in the front.
Engine One, Ladder Two, Squad Eleven, and Division One Respond from here.
Engine One:
2008  Seagrave Marauder II
1250 G.P.M.Pump
500 Gal. Tank
Top Mount Pump Panel
Squad Eleven:
2012 Pierce Saber PUC
1250 G.P.M.Pump
750 Gal. Tank
Rescue Body
Jaws of Life and
Hurst Cutting Tools
Ladder Two:
2008 Seagrave
Marauder II
100' Tractor Drawn Aerial
Division One:
2005 Chevrolet Impala
First Division Chief