EMS Division
The EMS Division was put into operations in March of 2007.
The Division consists of six stations, each with a ALS, and a BLS
Ambulance, and 3 Field Supervisors, who
oversee two stations each.
The Division also operates of an Air Medic that responds from the Gately Municipal Airport.
Staffed 24/7 the Air Medic can transport critical patients to trauma centers, assist in search and
rescue operations, and provide support in large scale incidents.
The EMS Division was born out of the Fire Departments Paramedic Program.
At the time the Fire Department was handling all medical emergencies, running 6 ALS
Ambulances out of Fire Stations throughout the city.
A study was done, and it was determined that this was not adequate to provide for the needs of
the residents. By only running ALS Ambulances, these units were being overburdened with minor
emergencies, and patient transports.
It was determined that BLS Ambulances would be sufficient for a majority of these calls.
A plan was put into place to form a separate division.
The six ALS Ambulances the Fire Department was running were transferred to the new EMS
Division, and an additional six Ambulances were purchased.
All used ambulances were overhauled, and placed into service throughout the City. Three
Supervisor SUV's were also purchased, and put into service.
The six EMS Stations were then built in strategic locations throughout the city.
Most stations are brand new, but a few are old fire houses that have been remodeled for use by
the Ambulance crews.
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Paramedic Six:
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